Conservative Jake Ellzey
in his own words


Improving border security

Border security is essential to national security. To stop the invasion of illegal immigration, we need to build a wall where able, and enforceable choke points patrolled by manpower and reconnaissance air assets.  By taking these long overdue actions, we can better fight the drug trade, and eliminate the horrific reality of human trafficking -- the exploitation of women and children.


Stopping illegal immigration

The fact is the Constitution requires the federal government to protect our states from invasion, and 40,000 apprehensions at the border in one month is an invasion. It’s time we stop chain migration and only issue merit-based green cards for foreign-born individuals who will contribute to the well being of our country. And we need to do more to welcome our legal immigrants and assist them as they assimilate.


Improving our national defense

After eight years of neglect by the Obama administration, the ability of our military to guarantee our national defense has been compromised. As a result, potential adversaries have become more aggressive and belligerent.  It’s time we reinvest in our military, provide our warriors with the tools they need to protect our country and no longer enter in armed conflicts unless we are willing to use our full force to ensure our victory instead of getting bogged down in drawn out conflicts.


Taking better care of our veterans

We ask our military men and women to risk their lives for our country. Yet our federal government ignores the sacrifice of our veterans by providing subpar services and unconscionable delays in care at our Veterans Affairs facilities. With my experience as a Commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission, I will lead efforts to overhaul the VA and bring together the VFW, American Legion, IAVA and other veteran service organizations to ensure the best care and benefit services are provided to our warriors. I also want immediate changes in Department of Defense policies to ensure that no active duty or reserve military member will be discharged until their disability rating process is complete.


Establishing term limits

I plan to lead by example by serving no more than 5 terms in the US House. The fact is elected leaders from both parties have no interest in giving up high paying jobs and expensive perks. Only by finally passing term limit legislation can we start bringing new blood and fresh ideas to Washington.


Continue to reform our tax code

The Trump tax cuts are a good start, but more work is needed. I will insist on a complete review of our tax code – that means ending the most egregious taxes that impact working families and looking for additional tax cuts that spur new spending on innovation, research and job creation. Ultimately, I would like to see our country move to a simpler and fairer flat tax.


Reduce government spending

My goal is to pass a balanced budget amendment. Until then, I would like to see every level of the federal government utilize similar process driven reviews of how they spend our tax dollars. Such reviews have a track record of success.  The national debt is a threat to national securtiy and to the future of our children and grandchildren.  By rooting out wasteful spending, we can make sure our tax dollars are better used to improve the quality life for all Americans – especially those in need. 


Decrease the role of unelected bureaucrats

It’s one of the biggest yet most ignored problems in Washington – the negative impact of unelected bureaucrats who don't answer to a constituency. Only congress can make laws and levy taxes and currently, unelected bureaucrats are doing both, and it is a threat to our liberty. I will push for a full review of every governmental agency to find and remove unnecessary positions that are driving up our federal budget. This review would also look closely at the power of government employees to determine if they overstep their intended role.