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February 16, 2018
Both major local newspapers endorse Jake Ellzey for congress!

A GOP independent could be a standout for the 6th Congressional District


“Ellzey has an impressive military record that indicates discipline and a commitment to service … the potential to be an authoritative voice on national defense. He has a strong presence and could distinguish himself among other representatives … we recommend J.K. “Jake” Ellzey for the GOP nomination in the 6th Congressional District.”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
February 16, 2018


“Ellzey, a retired Navy pilot and member of the Texas Veterans Commission, is our choice … shows a good understanding of the issues … radiates a straightforward style and no-nonsense gravitas … small business background would serve constituents well …”

The Dallas Morning News
February 8, 2018


February 11, 2018
Kyleen Wright, president of Texans for Life, endorses Jake Ellzey.

“Texas needs representatives with the strength of character and commitment to ending the legislative complacency crippling Washington D.C., especially in regards to protecting the lives of the unborn and women. Because of his belief to protect and promote a culture of life, I am proud to stand in support conservative prolife candidate Jake Ellzey for Congress and encourage all concerned citizens of the 6th District to do the same.” 

Kyleen Wright, President of Texans for Life Coalition


January 2, 2018
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry endorses conservative Jake Ellzey.

In the most high profile endorsement yet in the Republican primary for US Congress, 6th District, former Texas Governor Rick Perry has announced his endorsement of conservative Jake Ellzey to replace retiring Congressman Joe Barton. Ellzey is widely regarded as one of the leading candidates in the race.

“Jake Ellzey took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution 29 years ago, first as a Navy combat pilot then as a Commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission,” said former Texas Governor Rick Perry. “Jake will serve with honor and dignity as a Congressman for the 6th District, And he will legislate according to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. Jake Ellzey believes border security is essential to National Security, that our military must be rebuilt, that our Veterans must be cared for and that our national debt is a threat to our security. Service is a calling for Jake Ellzey, and he stands ready, without reproach, to answer that call again.”


December 3, 2017
Jake Ellzey appears on Inside Texas Politics

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November 28, 2017
Texas’ Barton Draws GOP challenger after nude photo surfaces

During an interview Tuesday afternoon, Ellzey said, “I’m running because I think it’s time for new leadership and new blood in Congress.  I think the Republic functions stronger when career politicians are not in Washington, D.C. and Joe Barton has been there for a very long time.”

Ellzey says his top priorities are immigration, the debt, rebuilding defense, and caring for veterans. 

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November 28, 2017
Rep. Joe Barton faces new primary challenger after sexting revelation

Embattled Ennis Rep. Joe Barton, whose years-old private “sexts” were made public last week, now has a primary challenger.

Jake Ellzey, a retired U.S. Navy pilot and commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission, is the first Republican to file a bid against Barton this cycle — a sign that at least some GOP'ers view the longtime congressman as vulnerable after intimate images he sent to a former lover were mysteriously released online. 

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November 28, 2017
Former Navy Fighter Pilot, Jake Ellzey Files in 6th Congressional District

“After prayerful consideration, and with encouragement from family, friends and local leaders, today I filed to run in the Republican Primary for United States Congress.” Said Jake Ellzey. “We really do need to drain the swamp in Washington. Our Congressman should be laser focused on issues like securing our borders, reducing the size of government, balancing the budget and ending ObamaCare.”